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Seeing your students develop as dancers is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a dance teacher. It's this sense of pride that delivers great satisifcation. As a school, we try and encourage and nurture students so they achieve their goals. We structure and deliver classes so there is sufficient technique taught to allow the students to master the choreorgraphy they are learning. At the same time, we are not overly serious as you need to have some fun in the journey as there are many challenges along the way. Without a sense of humour, the journey can change from one of enlightenment to one of frustration and impatience. Flamenco is a challenging dance-form and takes years to achive a cerain level of competance so selecting the right environment an mentor is important. Our motto is "don't take yourself too seriously, but take the artform seriously".


There is live guitar accompaniment in many of our classes. This keeps classes authentic since real flamenco dancing is accompanied by live musicians. In keeping with this theme, all our shows feature a live flamenco singer, guitarist and percussionist.


Whether you wish to learn flamenco dancing as a hobby, as a leisure or social activity, as a way of exercising or have  the passion and commitment to learng it seriously, we welcome you to our studio!

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