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Katia Ruiz Soler


Katia Ruiz began her dance career studying classical dance at the tender age of forur. She changed her career from ballet to flamenco after being inspired by the great Mario Maya on his Australian tour. Her intial studies locally was with Antonio Vargas (from the Australian box-office hit Strictly Ballroom). During her extensive studies with Antonio, Katia featured prominently in many of Antonio's flamenco-theatre dance productions that toured major Australian cities and peformed classic Spanish tales such as "Blood Wedding" and "Chronicles Of A Death Foretold". After Vargas' departure to Germany, Katia continued her professional study in Spain learning with some of the leading exponents of the artform such as  Carmela Greco, El Guito, La China, La Tati and Manolete. Today she is the artistic director and lead dancer of Sydney-based flamenco group "Los Flamencos" and principal of Flamencology Dance Studio in Artarmon. Katia believes in teaching the traditional form of flamenco whilst allowing students the freedom to develop their own style and interpretation of the art-form.



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